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Treatments and costs

A professional and friendly service

We are trained to a high standard in Podiatry/Chiropody,
and we are able to offer a variety of treatments dependent
on your needs. These include:

General Treatment

£34 Appt

A general treatment consists of everything from simple nail care to problematic nails.

  • Removal of corns and callous (hard skin).
  • Any other foot complaints such as verrucas, cracked heels or foot problems associated with diabetes will also be treated.
Orthotic/Biomechanical appt

£34 Appt

plus orthotic cost (Orthotics £30-£150 depending on requirements)

  • An orthotic can be manufactured/provided where an abnormality of the lower limb has been detected during a biomechanical assessment.
  • A general orthotic can be provided or a casted orthotic manufactured dependent on diagnosis.
Nail Surgery

£300 Appt

  • Ingrown toe nails are painful and problematic.
  • Through administration of local anaesthetic problematic nails can be removed permanently.
  • Complete or partial removal of nails is available.
  • Three follow up dressing appointments and aftercare advice is also included.
Home Visit

£40 Appt

  • We cover Glasgow Southside and surrounding areas.
  • A full treatment in the comfort of your own home.
Nail Cutting Only

£26 Appt

  • Not suitable for new patients.
  • Will be recommended by your Podiatrist during a general appointment.
  • Does not involve buffing/pathological nail conditions.
Verruca Treatment

£45 Appt

  •  A highly effective treatment.
  • 40% clearance with a single application.
  • 90% clearance after six applications on more stubborn verrucas
  • Virtually pain free.
  • Can be used on children as young as six years old.